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      The headquarters of the Macau Culture and Tourism Educational Center is located in Macau, with the Hengqin branch. We are equipped with great professors and related faculties. 1. Hotel training, teaching and practice are directly connected to the world's first educational institution that has received the "Tourism Education Quality Certification" from the United Nations World Tourism Organization-Macau Institute of Tourism, Macau's largest comprehensive university-University of Macau, and "Macao-European Tourism Advanced" Research Center" (ME-CATS), and various top hotels in Macau. We take advantage of the unique advantages of Macau's world-class tourism and leisure center to train the management personnel of cultural tourism, hotels and related enterprises in the Mainland and Greater China. This will enable them…

      Training Information

        1. Training target: senior management personnel such as general manager and deputy general manager of star hotels, responsible personnel of industry management departments and hotel competent departments, etc.

        2. Training schedule:

        1. Time: To be planned for July-December 2020, a period of two months is planned, with a period of 7 days (the time is determined according to the changes of the epidemic situation)

        2. Location: Macao Special Administrative Region, China

        3. Charge standard and payment method:

        1. Training cost: training fee is 15800 yuan/person (RMB). The cost includes training, renting classrooms and visits and exchanges of well-known hotels in Macau. The room and board fee is 7900 yuan/person (RMB), plus a room fee of 2000 yuan.

        2. Payment methods: transfer, Alipay, WeChat, cash, etc.

        3. Account information:

        Household name: Macau Culture, Tourism, Education and Training Center

        Account opening bank: Bank of China Macau Branch

        Account Number: 00185000377134353

        4. Please indicate the name and name of the trainer unit when transferring funds. Please provide billing information when invoicing.

        4. Training content: The main courses are the overview of star-rated hotels in Macao and the analysis of business model, standardized management and quality improvement, hotel culture and brand management, crisis response and hotel diversified management, catering coordination and nutritional meals, and on-site visits to well-known hotels in Macau Investigation and exchange, etc.

        Fifth, the course features: uniqueness fusion international

        VI. Completion certificate: Those who have completed the training program and passed the examination will be issued a certificate of completion.

        7. Registration method and process: online consultation (recommend please add WeChat) or telephone consultation-fill in the registration form-determine the training time shift-pay fees and handle the required information Send the application form and other materials to the designated mailbox 31653145@qq.com

        Required materials for registration:

        1. Star hotel industry training registration form (Annex 1)

        2. Scanned copies of passports and endorsements between Hong Kong and Macau

        3. Scanned ID card

        Travelling between Hong Kong and Macao Passes and Macao endorsement by yourself

        8. Contact information:

        Tel: 17765232686

        WeChat ID: ZL5201688696

        Q Q: 31653145

        Address: Macau Cultural Tourism Education and Training Center, 19th Floor, Macau Southeast Asia Business Center

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